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Rediscover the pleasure of Japanese flavors

Adapted with a Quebec touch with the brand new Ginger and Wasabi concept

Miyoko sushi Lachute gets a makeover!

  • All new branding
  • Added new products and services

But the same passionate teame having at heart the freshness and quality of the food served as well as the concern to offer you a superior customer experience.

DO NOT PANIC ! Your beloved classics are still on the menu, but we also have new ones!

Discover Ginger and Wasabi




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F1 Bonsai


cucumber, Japanese radish, marinated seaweed, Japanese omelet, grated carrot

F1 Vero Veggie


spicy mayonnaise, avocado, cucumber, mango, lettuce, carrot, sesame

F2 Bonzai


cucumber, yellow radish, japanese omelet, seaweed salad, carrot, avocado, sesame

F3 Nikko


cream cheese, yellow radish, cucumber, marinated mushroom, carrot

F4 Sakura


zeto mayonaise, yellow radish,asparagus, cucumber, avocado, lettuce, carrot, sesame

F5 salmon tartare


salmon tartare, tempura, cucumber

F6 kamikaze Tuna


spicy sauce, tuna, cucumber, avocado, tempura

F7 salmon kamikaze


spicy sauce, salmon, cucumber, avocado, tempura

F8 The Californian


outside rice, orange tobiko, sesame, pollack stick, japanese omelet, cucumber,...

F9 New-York


red tobiko, new-york mix, cucumber

F10 Anny


soya sheet, cream cheese, thai sauce, salmon tartare, tempura cucumber,...

F11 The duchess


wasabi mayonnaise, honey, strawberry sauce, strawberry, green onion, yellow radish,...

F12 The capitain


salmon tartare, pollack stick, mango, yellow radish, tempura

F13 Yumi


cream cheese, salmon, cucumber, yellow radish, tempura

F-14 The Hawaiian


sweet mayonnaise, salmon, mandarin, cucumber, tempura

F15 The basilic


Rice sheet, cream cheese, spicy mayonnaise, teriyaki sauce, basilic, beet,...

F18 The Smoked


red tobiko, smoke salmon, avocado, cucumber

F58 The rainbow


spicy mayonnaise, salmon tartare, tuna, shrimp, avocado, cucumber, sesame

F19 The Smoked Philly


cream cheese, red tobiko, smoke salmon, cucumber, avocado

F20 Smoke Eel


wasabi mayonnaise, honey, unagi sauce, sesame, smoke eel, cucumber, avocado,...

F21 The Fully Loaded


unagi sauce, japanese omelet, pollack stick, smoke eel, orange tobiko, ...

F22 Mount Kita


cream cheese, spicy mayonnaise, honey, green onion, tuna, smoke salmon,...

F23 The Magnificent


cream cheese, spicy mayonnaise, honey, green onion, tempura, temura shrimp,...

F24 The Magnificent Smoked


cream cheese, spicy mayonnaise, honey, green onion, tempura, smoke salmon,...

F25 Tempura shrimp


outside rice, red tobiko, japanese mayonnaise, asparagus, cucumber, tempura, tempura...

F28 sweet scalop


sweet mayonnaise, scalop, cucumber, mandarin, tempura

F29 tempura scalop


spicy sesame, spicy sauce, green onion, tempura scalop, tempura, avocado

F30 The Deluxe


red tobiko, thai sauce, avocado, mango, pollack stick, shrimp, tempura...

F36 Aki


wasabi mayonnaise, teriyaki sauce, crab, mango, Japanese radish, tempura

F37 Mango tango


wasabi mayonnaise, spicy mayonnaise, cucumber, avocado, mango, crab

F38 The Explosive


 red tobiko, green onion, crab, tempura, mandarin, avocado

F39 Ocean


japanese mayonaise, spicy mayonnaise, lobster, seaweed salad, asparagus

F40 Lolita


red tobiko, japanese mayonnaise, pollack stick, seaweed salad, tempura shrimp



orange tobiko, thai sauce, lettuce, tempura, smoke salmon, salmon, sesame

F45 Spicy shrimp


red tobiko, spicy sauce, yellow radish, shrimp, avocado, tempura, sesame

F49 Sriracha


spicy sesame, spicy sauce, tempura shrimp, tempura, avocado, cucumber

F65 Tempura chicken


spicy sesame, japanese mayonnaise, lettuce, yellow radish, green onion, tempura...

F46 Hashima


red tobiko, spicy sauce, avocado, cucumber, mango, shrimp, pollack stick,...

F51 The Volcanic


orange tobiko, spicy sauce, smoke salmon, sesame, tempura shrimp, cucumber

F52 Asama


cream cheese, spicy sauce, sesame, shrimp, crab, mango, avocado

F53 Simplet


red tobiko, spicy mayonnaise, tuna, avocado, tempura, sesame

F54 Chivako


Spicy sauce, spicy sesame seeds, scallop, green onion, tempura, avocado.

F55 Sumoto


Red tobiko, teriyaki sauce, salmon, tuna, avocado, sesame seeds.

F56 Yakushima


spicy sesame, japanese mayonnaise, shrimp, yellow radish, avocado

The Montreal


orange tobiko, spicy mayonnaise, sesame, pollack stick, smoke salmon, salmon,...

F59 Seafood trio


honey and spicy sesame, outside rice, orange tobiko, Thai sauce,...

F59 Tempura Tuna


orange tobiko, wasabi mayonnaise, green onion, mandarin, cucumber, tempura tuna

F61 Miyajima


soya sheet, cream cheese, alfalfa,  smoke salmon, cucumber, avocado, tempura,...

Tempura salmon


cream cheese, teriyaki sauce, green onion, mango, carrot, tempura salmon

F63 Zaô


orange tobiko, wasabi mayonnaise, green onion, strawberry, scalop

F66 Ginger


spicy sesame, spicy sauce, yellow radish, mango, marinated ginger, cashew,...

F67 The Thai


Spicy sesame, thai sauce, green onion, carrot, mango, grilled chicken,...

F68 Teriyaki chicken


cream cheese, teriyaki sauce,  green onion, marinated mushroom, grilled chicken,...

F71 Dragon eye


fried roll, red tobiko, green onion, shredded crab, carrot, salmon

F26 Sweet shrimp


Sweet mayonnaise, shrimp tempura, marinated mushrooms, green onion, Japanese radish,...

Dine-in at: 394, rue Principale Change it ?
Caroline “Onyxia” P
Caroline “Onyxia” P
Peu importe ce que tu commandes tout est bon . Service excellent !!! Personnel super sympathique.
Cynthia Chénier
Cynthia Chénier
Très bon sushi et bon service un peut dispendieux
Alexandre Talbot
Alexandre Talbot
Très bons sushis considérant la localisation. Prix qui étaient incroyables, maintenant demeurant quand même compétitifs. Les inaris sont absolument à essayer, c'est ce qu'ils font de meilleur à mon avis et qui les distingue des autres. 👌